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About Gaidz

Gaidz is a virtual tour guide mobile application.

A self-personalization platform for traveler nowadays because it is easy to identify and arrange your desire itinerary.

Simplify You

We are passionate about shaping the next generation in travelling industry; therefore we design & facilitate GAIDZ as your convenient travel apps to travel smartly and achieve more delightful experience in a simple way.

Helping You

GAIDZ help users to navigate your desire itinerary in efficiency & effectively of time management. Also provide the needs of transportation of bus, taxi & train as well as emergency needs that will automatically guide you to nearby local Police Stations, Hospitals, Banks – ATM + Money Changer, Consulate.

  • Offer Millions

    Of sightseeing, restaurant-café, attractions, amusement park, shopping place to visit all around the world.

  • Auto-Mapping & Auto-Time Arrangement

    For navigating from one place to another and built in apps.

  • Tour Package

    Providing for a individual tour package.

  • Purchasing Admission Ticket

    Of sightseeing, amusement park, attractions all around the world.

  • Event To Attend

    Providing information of an event that is current happen around the world.

  • Travel Journal

    Personalize and save your journey; share with your loved ones.